BewiAfrica Team Goes on Team Bonding Session

After a successful youth drug abuse sensitisation program, the BewiAfrica team recently embarked on a bonding session with the view to enhancing and encouraging a more robust synergy and team spirit amongst members.

The founder, Ms Florence Hungbo, said that the bonding became expedient as an avenue for strategy discussions amongst team members and the creation of opportunities to build positive energy and enthusiasm in their activities. “BewiAfrica created this avenue for team members to get to know one another, interact, correct all shortcomings when it comes to human management and create more ideas to better the objectives of our not-for-profit organisation,” she said.

During the session, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were discussed and targets were set on how BewiAfrica would help to achieve them in the months ahead. The founder also seized the opportunity to appreciate everybody’s presence and their contributions towards their last programme and the betterment of BEWIAFRICA’s causes while restating the importance of remaining steadfast.

The meeting was rounded off with series of games and plenty of food and drinks to unwind. “Now, we are refuelled to go on to the next cause and we can’t wait to change the world,” Ms Hungbo stated.

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